Opening Hours

エレミヤ 子供連れ 
Watching a DVD while your kids are waiting...

Hiroshima Thai massage - Eremiya


Opening Hours 

Monday to Friday  15:00 to 21:00

Sat & Sun           13:00 to 21:00


☆As long as I am available in the morning I will accept the client upon the request. So please feel free to contact to me if you wish to come in the morning.


☆You can come with your children if you like. We have some DVDs here so they can watch it in the next room while they are waiting. You can also bring your favourite DVD.


☆There is no scheduled holiday at Eremiya. The information about holiday is availalbe at this homepage.


☆Eremiya will be held in Kisa, Miyoshi twice a month. Those days, Eremiya at Takanobashi is closed. You can check those dates on the calender at the right hand side of this homepage.

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