Eremiya in Kisa, Miyoshi

タイ古式マッサージ エレミヤ 三次市吉舎

Eremiya is now held in Kisa, Miyoshi twice a month, every other Sat & Sun. ( Kisa is my hometown! ) The schedule will be shown on the calender in this page, or you can also check it from 今週の予定.

So if you happen to be in Kisa, Miyoshi, why not come around and find out for yourself?


Eremiya in Kisa will be closed for a while. We will let you know once it opens again! Until then, see ya! 

Eremiya in Kisa: Open date in October 2016

1st,2nd only due to refurbishment which will be done by the mid of Nov.

★Saturday:13:00~19:00 Sunday:9:00~19:00

★We take the reservation from 8:30 to 18:00

★"〇” is available

Availability for October, 1st and 2nd

Oct 1st   Oct 2nd
- - 9:00~
- - 10:00~
- - 11:00~
- - 12:00~
13:00~ booked 13:00~
14:00~ booked 14:00~
15:00~ booked 15:00~
16:00~ booked 16:00~ booked
17:00~ 17:00~ booked
18:00~ 18:00~ booked

For a trial course

There is a trial course available in Kisa, which is 2000 yen for 30 mins.


Back / shoulders / legs

Any parts of the body:   30mins for 2000 yen



For a relaxing course

If you want to experience a full massage, why not try one of these coourses.

Joyful course:9000yen 

Foot reflexology (60mins ) and thai massage (60mins)
Thai massage:6000yen 

90mins of a full body massage
Foot reflexology:5000yen 

60mins of oil foot massage to release the stress on your feet


If you would like to take other courses please check Price page.




広島 タイ古式マッサージ エレミヤ
Looking forward to meeting you!

Reservation: call today & arrange your visit  


Reservation for Kisa: TEL 090-7594-5770 

Reservation through email: 

Through reservation form : here

How to access to Eremiya in Kisa

タイ古式マッサージ エレミヤ 三次市吉舎 簡易マップ
map for Eremiya in Kisa

If you are coming from Miyoshi-shi:

Take route 184 and turn left at Jo-ge wakare traffic light, then take route 27 until you see a strawberry farm on the right. Drive pass the strawberry farm and take a first passage on the right hand side. The 2nd house on the left is Eremiya.

If you are coming from Ko-nu:

Take route 27 and drive into Kisa. Drive pass the rice-centre on the left and take a first passage on the left hand side. The 2nd house on the left is Eremiya.

タイ古式マッサージ エレミヤ 三次市吉舎

Eremiya Thai massage studio in Kisa, Miyoshi


Kisa 1318, Miyoshi, Hiroshima

Opening hours:

Sat  13:00-19:00

Sun 9:00-19:00


**We accept until 18:00 on the day you wish to come

**If you wish to come earlier, please contact us.

**Eremiya will be held in Kisa every other weekend, but the schedule might be changed unexpectedly, so please check it when you make a reservation.