First time experience? 


If it is your first time, why not try 30mins course. You can experience a bit of Thai massage...




Thai massage

30 mins course       2000 yen


Need to relax the muscles and relieve the stress completely?


If you have stiffness on your shoulders, lower back and legs, etc… then you should try 90mins course or 120 mins course.  


Thai massage

90 mins course       6000 yen

120 mins course               8000 yen

For tired legs

If your legs feel very heavy, then you might want to try Thai style foot reflexology. You can enjoy the relaxing, gentle oil massage from the toes to up to the knees.

*If you want to know the details of Thai style foot reflexology, please check here.

Fancy trying it out?


Thai style foot reflexology

30mins course       3,000 yen


Enjoy a full oil foot massage?


Thai style foot reflexology

60mins course       5,000 yen


※ You can choose 30mins of Thai style foot relexology course and have a Thai massage for 30mins, or any other combinations are possible. If you are not sure how to combine, please let us know when you make a reservation. We can suggest the best combinations according to your body conditions.

Price list

Thai massage

30mins             2,000 yen

60mins             4,000 yen

75mins             5,000 yen

90mins       6,000 yen

120mins       8,000 yen


Thai style foot reflexology

30mins       3,000 yen

60mins       5,000 yen

Joyful course   9,000yen

If you want to enjoy both fully, Thai massage and and Thai style foot reflexology, then this is the one!


Luxurious course   11,000yen

If you think you deserve something special for your hard work, why not treat yourself with our special offer of 90mins of Thai massage and 60 mins of foot reflexology.


広島タイ古式マッサージ エレミヤ 

We can not accept credit cards, sorry. 

★ The price includes tax.

★ Duration of the session can be arranged. So please feel free to contact us.

広島 タイ古式マッサージ エレミヤ
looking forward to meeting you!

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* Please check the availability for the day you wish to have a massage through 今週の予定